You will be surprised how many very big companies have no management for configuration files and they edit and deploy them manually… we try to avoid that because humans do mistakes !

humans do mistakes !

This article is not focused on the mobile app, but on how to create and manage configuration files very easy and deploy them both in the app and in the cloud (and other destinations).

What is important for us:

  • easily edit the configurations.
  • avoid errors in configuration files.
  • deploy very easily.
  • deploy in multiple locations (source code, web server, git, etc)
  • Google account for creating…

I will start with a question and the reason that article exists:

Is it firebase ?

Short answer ? “No! ”

In all transparency, I love Firebase and I was extremely excited to use it and felt like serverless is the future. I didn’t listen to the people saying that you can’t have them all and you need to trade somewhere, I’ll try to highlight what the tradeoffs are and if it is worth it in this article and hopefully you will be a better listener than me.

I have been working on several mobile projects in the last year…

Short answer ? “YES” !


I have been working as a software developer for about 17 years now… working on mobile for about 10 years and I feel that is safe to say that I have tried almost everything, that’s why I think that my advices and thoughts are well informed and i’m not just guessing.

Don’t expect any technical details in this article, I just wanted to tell you my opinion and my advice in regards to using Flutter in your mobile app, but it will definitely help you make a decision.

Native or cross platform…

Every client or developer has it’s…

Canceling streams is a very good practice, but how do you do it as easy as possible ?

Well we should follow the approach from RX with the dispose bag and create a very simple class which we will be able to mixin with any class we have, let’s call it DisposableWidget ... as everything in flutter is a widget :

class DisposableWidget {

List<StreamSubscription> _subscriptions = [];

void cancelSubscriptions() {
_subscriptions.forEach((subscription) {

void addSubscription(StreamSubscription subscription) {


I have been working on mobile app development for quite a while now and realized that one big problem many people are facing is to update the app configuration after the app was released in the store, by configuration I mean :

  • Localization, this means all the texts used inside the app
  • Colors and font sizes
  • Icons and images
  • many more

In this article I used google cloud storage to upload the json files which are storing all the information.

I used “Smart JSON editor” to create and edit the json files…

Sergiu Rosu

Software engineer, mainly on iOS with Swift, also working with Flutter for iOS and Android.

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